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6 Spring Valley Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 7601
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Background and Experience

Since 1998 Dr. Perrone has been dedicated to relieving pain &improving quality of life for patients throughout the area.His practice focuses on individuals suffering from a wide range of injuries as well as those dealing with chronic &painful musculoskeletal conditions.Through his work with literally thousands of patients, Dr. Perrone has found that treatment is most successful when it is carefully tailored to the individual.While the core of his approach is based on spinal manipulation &physiotherapy, Dr. Perrone can bring together a variety of techniques &technologies that give a patient additional options &alternatives all with the goal of restoring health &well-being as soon as possible.

Physical Therapy
Life University -DC
University of Bridgeport- BS
Certifications & Awards
Chiropractic Adjunct in Physiotherapy
Certified Manipulation Under Sedation (MUS)
Certified in Cox Flexion Distraction
Extremity Adjusting and Protocol
Cervical Acceleration and Deceleration

Dr. Andrew Perrone
6 Spring Valley Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 7601
(201) 489-9555