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Background and Experience

Since 2009, Dr. Chad Johnson has delivered high-quality chiropractic care to practice members wishing to eliminate their pain, optimize their wellness potential and live a better life. At Better Life Family Chiropractic we welcome every member of the community, from babies and children to parents and grandparents. We emphasize a personalized approach to health care, with a detailed focus on prenatal, pediatric, and family chiropractic care.

Dr. Chad began seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic in his mid-20s for the painful aftereffects of injuries he had sustained during years of athletic activities. He already had an established career in fine arts, but by the time he turned 30, he began to analyze what he wanted to accomplish in life. One day, in the middle of receiving an adjustment by his chiropractor, the doctor uttered these words, which to this day remain a vivid memory: “Chad, why don’t you become a chiropractor?”

As he immediately knew that his life was about to change, Dr. Chad returned to college to complete his premed studies. He then enrolled at the University of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. He graduated in 2009, ready to begin a new chapter in his life.

Due to his excellence in education and care in practice, Dr. Johnson has been featured publicly in the news several times. In 2014, the Spokane community voted him #1 on KREM2’s Best of Spokane out of 27 community chiropractors. This is a huge honor, especially since it was the final year the community got to choose and vote.

In 2016, Dr. Johnson was interviewed and featured on CBS/KREM2 in the case of a patient who had conversion disorder and experienced full relief of her symptoms after starting chiropractic care at Better Life Family Chiropractic.

Also in 2016, due to his work with kids on the spectrum, Dr. Johnson was interviewed for an article in the April issue (issue #60) of Autism Parenting Magazine. In the article titled, Amazing Ways Chiropractic Therapy Can Benefit Kids with Autism, written by Coby Ingram, Dr. Johnson shares his expertise on chiropractic care for children who have encopresis, as well as for those who struggle with neurological issues, such as autism, ADHD/ADD, Sensory challenges, poor immune function, and seizures.

In his initial months of practice, Dr. Chad specialized in disc injuries and headaches. That all changed, however, when he became a father for the first time.

He and his wife Randi planned to have the birth of their first child in the comfort of their own home. Despite the fact that Randi had been adjusted in a conventional manner throughout her pregnancy, her labor was long, painful and grueling. After her uterine contractions had come to a halt after 30 hours, Randi was rushed to the hospital where she eventually gave birth to a little girl. “That experience was so hard on my wife and baby; I determined that I’d never let that happen again!” -Dr. Chad

Shortly after this traumatic event, Dr. Chad dedicated himself to extensive study in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. He is now a highly advanced Webster Technique practitioner, allowing him the privilege of optimizing pregnancies and managing positive birth outcomes for the moms-to-be in his practice. He’s also an EPIC practitioner with extensive experience in the treatment of ADHD and autism and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

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Featured in Autism Parenting Magazine
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International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

Dr. Chad Johnson
15 E Central Ave, Ste 3
Spokane, WA 99208
(509) 464-0444