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Background and Experience

As a lifelong athlete himself, he has had my share of injury, and has used the same rehab and therapy techniques to treat himself — from a herniated lumbar disc to a rotator cuff tear to a patellar tendon injury.
As a sports medicine and rehab specialist, his goal is to equip each of our patients with the tools they need to acquire and sustain health “simply”, and reduce their need for specialists like me. In this way we seek to empower our patients, add to their pleasure of life and allow them to truly thrive.

Chiropractic Care
Neck Pain
Car Accident Injuries
Sport Injuries
Knee and Ankle Injuries
Back pain
Carpal tunnel dyndrome
Certifications & Awards

Dr. Daniel P. Bockman
7756 Northcross Dr #203
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 386-1876