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Abundant You Chiropractic

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Background and Experience

One of the best parts about a visit to our Hilliard Chiropractic clinic is that it is all done naturally and safely! Did you know that every muscle, cell and tissue in the human body is controlled by our nervous system? The human nervous system is comprised of the brain and 31 pairs of nerves that exit the spine and supply our body. The brain communicates with the body through these nerves. Since the spine houses these nerves it only makes sense that problems in the spine can negatively affect how the nerves function in any given area, consequently affecting the organ or muscle that nerve supplies.

Advanced Chiropractic Care
Nutrition & Detox Plans
Fitness & Stress Management
Self Improvement
Structural Corrective Care Chiropractor
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Dr. Kevin Sarich
3969 Trueman Blvd
Hilliard, OH 43026