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Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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Background and Experience

Doctor Michael Vanella is a chiropractor and wellness expert dedicated to providing the highest standard of safe and gentle chiropractic care. The doctor believes that wellness is a combination of health and happiness, and he empowers his patients to take control of their own health and well being without drugs or surgery. His advanced approach goes far beyond pain management to address the underlying cause of health for each individual and maximize the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Personal Wellness
Chiropractic Care
Corrective Exercise
Lifestyle Advice
Nutritional Counseling
New York Chiropractic College
Certifications & Awards
Board Certified Chiropractic,
Board Certified in Physiotherapy
Virginia Chiropractic Association

Dr. Michael Vanella
4661 Haygood Rd. Suite 110
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(757) 270-1333