Being Found on Page One is not Easy

In major cities it is difficult for chiropractors to show up on page one for searches around chiropractors or best chiropractors. They end up competing with medical directories and “franchise” type practices and do not have the marketing wherewithal to be able to compete. was designed to ensure that quality chiropractors were not being forced to compete with those who spend most of their efforts marketing.
With Google’s change to only showing 3 local results and limiting paid advertising, it is even more difficult for chiropractors to show up on page one for searches.

Outside Credibility is Important for Those Who Search for Any Service!

People want to see that anyone providing a service has outside opinions that are positive and that say, “This is a good practitioner!” All of us want to know that if we don’t have a personal recommendation we at least could see that others think well of someone we are hiring for a medical/chiropractic consultation. We also want to know that the provider is staying well up to date in their practices and are patient centered.

Our Badge on Your Site Says, “This is Truly a Quality Chiropractor!”

People Associate You with the Doctors You are Surrounded By

Our Chiropractors are associated with other quality chiropractors. When you are surrounded by 8 or 9 other chiropractors who have similar backgrounds to yours, who are focused on continuing education and maintaining the highest standards of care, etc. you are seen as being a high-quality provider.

Our badge on your site and those of the chiropractors around you says these are chiropractors who are in it to provide the best care possible.

Remember we list the doctor and not the practice. People find it easier to believe a doctor has been chosen for being the best than the entire practice has been chosen. This is another way we ensure our doctors get leads and credibility from our site.

People Searching for Care Don’t Want to Keep Searching When they land on a Website

Most medical directories are geared toward listing every physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc. in a city. When someone searches on “best chiropractor” and they are served up a hundred or more providers in a list that is not even based on their location they become frustrated and leave. limits the number of chiropractors in any city so that a searcher knows it is not limitless. This also adds to the feeling that these are the best because not everyone is listed. They are able to see every chiropractor listed for that city on a single page with a lot of info about each! Then they choose from a small list and are able to click to call immediately.

When we add chiropractors initially, we do NOT charge — but we cannot support a free site.

We are a for-profit entity devoted to helping people find the chiropractor they need and to only listing chiropractors who can truly help them. Our opinion is if you need a chiropractor why not get the best? It is expensive to build and manage a site like Best Chiropractors; by charging reasonable fees we are able to keep the site fresh and productive for our chiropractors.

Our fees also allow us to answer any email or call from chiropractor quickly, and make adjustments to their profiles or help implement their badges just as fast. We have a full-time development staff on board to assist.
If you have a question, need your profile updated, etc. Call us or email us and see how quickly we respond!

We follow up to ensure your team is following up with potential patients.

Several years ago we did a test where we paid for five chiropractors to be on a specific site we created. We did all the work for free and even provided Google Adwords PPC for them, which we paid for. They had zero cost in the test.

The most surprising result was that of the five only two of the chiropractors had a team that followed up when they got leads. The most astounding occurrence was a chiropractor who got a lead that said:

“I have been having pain in my neck for some time now and see that you are about a mile from my home. You also accept my insurance and I would like to see you as soon as possible.” The person left their number and no one ever called them back.

We follow up with potential patients to ensure someone has reached out to them when they have tried to contact you. In this way we help you know when there is a flaw in your system so you can address it immediately. Potential patients like this because people are impressed when anyone follows up with them today.

We only list Chiropractors on Best Chiropractors and We Only List a Few!

Our website is not a general directory of providers of all types; we only list chiropractors. We endeavor to keep content about our chiropractors on point so potential patients can quickly find what they are looking for.

Our listings rotate so everyone gets the opportunity to be at the top. (No one is stuck at the bottom!)

Anyone can list every chiropractor in a city or an area and put a red box around the paid listings. Frankly, people are accustomed to these all encompassing directories and do not stay when they land on them. We do allow the #1, and sometimes the #2 positions, to be fixed by paying an additional fee. If no one pays for a fixed position, chiropractors rotate from the bottom through the top with each new visitor.