Only The Best Chiropractors

A letter from the president. 

As an RN, I learned about chiropractors about 30 years ago. I was having a problem with sciatica and could not seem to get rid of it with steroids and other treatment. I even quit carrying a wallet in my back pocket because a physician told me that was causing my problem. When I went to a chiropractor I was really unsure of why, but I knew nothing else had worked. I was surprised that by my 3rd chiropractic visit my sciatica was gone, but even better it never returned.

Over the years I went to several different chiropractors as I would move from one city to the next and I realized there was definitely a difference in how they practiced. Some were more questioning in their history and physical exam and seemed to want more info before they jumped to a conclusion than others. I like a thorough approach so I lean toward that type of physician.

In the early 2000’s while living in Houston I met a chiropractor through a friend and, today, I cannot imagine going to a different doctor. Yes, there is more than one quality chiropractor in Houston, but this one became a friend and teacher along the way. He is the kind of physician who is constantly learning and has gained a degree in nutrition to go with his knowledge of chiropractic. He is also sure enough of himself that he can tell you when a problem needs a different type of medical care! Most people are impressed that he is the chiropractor for two of our professional sports teams, the Astros, and the Texans.

While our marketing firm, drumBEAT Marketing, was working on another product we began to discuss the difficulties that chiropractors have with marketing and with being able to show up on page one of Google for key searches. We already had a site for attorneys that was ranking very well on Google and Bing and decided to go the same direction with chiropractors.

We would only list chiropractors who had good ratings from their patients, were committed to ongoing education and showed acceptance in sports and other active communities. As with our attorney site, we are careful to only list a select few chiropractors so that ours are able to get patients without being one of 50 chiropractors in a city.

Our site is separated for easy navigation to allow you to select state and city and then find the best chiropractor for you. The most notable chiropractors receive our badge showing that they are members of an elite group. This badge is proudly displayed on their websites and provides additional credibility for their practice. Note that we do not list practices, but individual physicians. This is so you know your chiropractor is one of the best.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience on Best Chiro.