is dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of qualified chiropractors in each city we represent. This site provides recommended chiropractors based on filters, compatibility, and a financial commitment on behalf of the chiropractors. The information we provide to those seeking our assistance is taken from the chiropractors themselves and from searching the Internet for data on each chiropractor. The placement of the chiropractors is based on our employees’ research and is entirely subjective. We have set many of the pages to rotate the rankings of our chiropractors as there is no scientific way to say one chiropractor is better than another by a given small percentage. Some chiropractors in positions 1 to 3 are paying additionally to have their profiles in a fixed position.

With the exception of some outstanding chiropractors who are given month-by-month fee exemptions, inclusion on  is granted to chiropractors who have entered themselves through our fee-based submission form located on our website at These fees are required to keep our platform running, allowing us to continually search for high-performing chiropractors who meet the needs of their patients, and to continually make updates to the site and to listings of our chiropractos so that our information remains as fresh and accurate as possible.