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Background and Experience

Jennifer Ridley, DC, CCCN, the founder of LiveWell Chiropractic and Wellness Center, believes that proactively preserving your health is a far more sound approach to wellness than curing disease. She closely examines your complete health history and lifestyle to explore the true cause of your problem. This is generally what people mean when they refer to holistic medicine, and Dr. Ridley’s approach would fall under this umbrella.
Dr. Ridley creates uniquely tailored chiropractic and functional nutrition plans to help achieve wellness and vitality for each individual. She believes strongly that there is no “one size fits all” solution—and at LiveWell, there are no five-minute appointments, either.

Functional nutrition
Nutrition counseling
Traditional chiropractic care and low force techniques
Injury rehabilitation
Cranial adjusting
Laser therapy
Spinal decompression
Parker University
Certifications & Awards

Dr. Jennifer Ridley
749 Lonesome Dove Trail
Hurst,, TX 76054
(817) 485-9355