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4 Types of People Who Should See a Chiropractor

Aug 24, 2017

Pregnant Women

Chiropractic can relieve pain throughout pregnancy, reduce labor and delivery time, and mean safer deliveries for mom and baby. A common source of pain is a misaligned pelvis, but pain is not the most important reason to get it resolved. The misalignment can mean less room for the baby as it develops and when it comes time to deliver, make it more difficult to get into the right position for delivery. Improper positioning makes C-sections and other complications more likely.

More commonly, the physical stress of the baby can cause back pain, the position and weight of the baby can pinch nerves, and the whole experience can leave women feeling tired, achy, and very uncomfortable. It is safe to visit the chiropractor during your pregnancy—and we recommend it!


Sports are physically demanding. The hours and years of training impacts joints, ligaments, muscles, and spinal health. Regular visits to the chiropractor not only help with treating pain and injuries but help to prevent them, too. But perhaps the greatest athletic benefit of chiropractic care is keeping athletes in top form. Proper alignment means better balance, coordination, speed, strength and overall performance.

Headache Sufferers

Tension headaches are common in people who work in offices or transportation. Believe it or not, sitting puts stress on your body and chiropractic helps relieve it. Better alignment means fewer headaches.

For migraines, relief is a little more complicated. Migraineurs know well the whole body nerve pain that can accompany a migraine, and case studies show chiropractic intervention can alleviate pain, symptoms, and frequency. Each bone of your spine houses a nerve that sends signals to different parts of your body. The work of a chiropractor is to put the spine in alignment. This helps those nerves function optimally, and can eliminate irritation arising from misalignment. An adjustment, then, can go beyond resolving the physical pain of a tension headache to resolve underlying neurological issues as well.

College Students

Being a student means lots of sitting, and that probably means a lot of bad posture. When you slouch forward—to write a paper on your laptop, for instance—your lungs can’t draw in as much oxygen. Less oxygen means less circulation (of blood and fuel) to your brain which negatively impacts cognitive functioning and mood. Sometimes, though, a semester of studying, working out, and being active with friends does a number on your back that no amount of yoga can fix. [link] A visit to the chiropractor can make your studying less painful, more effective and more enjoyable.

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Updated: August 24, 2017 at 3:12 pm