Welcome to Best Chiropractors, we appreciate your interest in our site. Best-Chiropractors.org is a growing marketing platform for the top chiropractors across the United States. This site will serve both as an advertising resource for chiropractors and a resource for potential clients to find the best in the business when seeking chiropractic care. We are unlike other large directory sites – we don’t clutter the internet with every chiropractor in the world. We are simply providing you with the digital tools to stand out in your industry and find new patients.

For many chiropractors, it is difficult to rank on page one of search engines for highly competitive terms like “best chiropractors near me” or “chiropractors in [city]”. For those who are suffering from constant pain and discomfort, they want to find a top-rated chiropractor NOW.  Best Chiropractors serves both groups.

How Best-Chiropractors.net Serves the Chiropractor

We are here and you can speak with us! 

We are not simply an Internet site where everything must be done via forms and emails. We have actual humans who are on staff and we take calls every day from both chiropractors and potential clients for our chiropractors.

We follow up with every lead that comes through the site:

We send a follow-up email within 24 hours to our listed chiropractor to ensure he or she received the client contact and to ask that they respond immediately to the inquiry.  We then follow up to ensure the contact was a quality potential client. We ask for feedback if it was not. We email the potential client to ensure they have received a response from the chiropractor within 1 business day. (This maintains the site’s and its chiropractor’s reputation for responsiveness.)

We are not a directory: we keep our lists exclusive by limiting the number of chiropractors in each city. 

We are exclusive to a small number of very qualified chiropractors in each city. Unlike directories who list every chiropractor in a given city (often times 100s), we keep our lists small to ensure ALL our chiropractors receive quality leads, receive the recognition they deserve, increase credibility, and to keep our site visitors engaged. 

How Best-Chiropractors.org serves the potential client:

We limit how many chiropractors are listed in the city so those seeking chiropractic care are not bombarded by choices. (Makes choosing easier in a stressful time.)

Each chiropractor has a complete profile providing strong proof to the searcher that our chiropractors are “real” doctors. We present multiple, clear ways to contact each chiropractor and calls can be made to the chiropractor with a single click

We provide follow up via email to the potential client and if we do not hear back from them, we call them to ensure the doctor has followed up and they received the help they needed. (Knowing the site is responsive builds value to the consumer that the chiropractors are quality professionals.)

Because of our web development and SEO background, the site is designed to work well whether on desktop or mobile and the experience is customized for the specific device type someone is on. 

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